We’re Making A Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? There are some great people out there who have a lot of awesome things to say. It’s pretty fun to be able to refer back to an episode to find the information that you’re looking for. Well, Melanin Taught is launching a podcast!

There are already some episodes in the pipeline waiting to be published but did you know the average podcast series stops at 10 episodes!

I am not a quitter so I want to set this up to succeed before it starts the only way I can do that is with your help. So, what are things that you would like to hear about on our homeschool podcast?

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*You can find our podcast here.

63 thoughts on “We’re Making A Podcast

  1. Can you believe I’ve never listened to a Podcast?! I’ll need to get on this! As for me, as a mom to a toddler, I’m curious what made you decide to homeschool vs. public or private.


    1. Podcasts are awesome! I will definitely talk about why I choose homeschool. Thanks for the question!


    1. Thanks I love how podcast feel like you’re in a conversation with the person. It’s a little more personal than reading a blog because you can hear their voice and more emotion transfers from the speaker to you.


    1. Thank you homeschool is something I’m really passionate about so I hope it shines through in my podcast.


  2. My boyfriend and I are teaming up with a few friends to launch one as well – ours is about pop culture and deeper history behind the subjects or like a philosophical discussion about how it came to be popular. I think that one of the ways you can really get people interested is to bring current events into things a little bit.


  3. I’m a homeschool mom, and would love to listen to your podcast. I would love to hear about balancing it all. Managing a home, homeschooling, being a good helpmeet, and working from home. I would like to manage my time better, and balance it all better. There just never seems like enough hours in the day.


    1. Lauren that is a great topic to cover. Time management is so huge in my life right now with my kids being so little. So I will be sure to talk about all my tips and tricks in my podcast.


    1. It’s so easy to do now there is an app called anchor and you can create a podcast right from your phone.


    1. Thank you! You really should listen to some. There are podcast to cover just about every topic some even take songs and break them down verse by verse it’s crazy it’s a whole different world.


  4. Good luck! I’m going to homeschool for preschool. I’d love to hear about schedules and curriculums in general.


  5. Podcasts can be a lot of fun I would imagine. I have tried to do a bit of video blogging myself and I have enjoyed a lot. But yeah it’s a lot of work and I can see why it would end at 10.


    1. I will cover that! Thanks for that suggestion. Meanwhile I have some activities on our Facebook page in the video section.


  6. I am super excited to see this launch! I can definitely appreciate you making sure it’s done right first. I look forward to hearing more since its up and running. Good luck!


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